Apex is developing hydrocarbon fields with our newly-formed joint-venture company and drilling appraisal, development and exploration wells.

Southeast Meleiha (SEM) 

In Dec-2020 thru Feb-2021, Apex drilled and tested three productive exploration wells in our Southeast Meleiha concession. In April Apex moved into development planning with our newly formed joint-venture company with the Egyptian General Petroleum Company (EGPC) named Farah Petroleum Company (PetroFarah). PetroFarah will be responsible for the development of the three existing discoveries, as well as future exploration. PetroFarah and Apex are currently working on installing an Early Production Facility (EPF) to handle the oil and gas produced from its first discovery (Fajr field) and will produce through these facilities starting in August, initially at an estimated rate of 3,000 barrels of oil per day. Production will increase over time as 16 planned development wells are drilled and hooked up to the producing facilities over the next 12 months.