Apex is in Full-On Exploration Mode, Acquiring 3D Seismic and Drilling Wells

West Badr El Din (WBED)

In the West Badr El Din Concession, Apex took delivery of 1,400 square kilometers of reprocessed 3D seismic data where three older surveys were merged and processed into one 3D seismic depth volume by CGG. Based on the mapping on this reprocessed depth volume, Apex commenced a two well drilling campaign using the Egyptian Chinese Drilling Company (ECDC) Rig-2. The WBED-C1X and WBED-C3X exploration wells were drilled to 9,100 feet and 10,100 feet respectively in March and April but failed to find hydrocarbons. Other prospects have been mapped on the seismic volume, including a trend of deeper Jurassic and Paleozoic targets prospective for gas and condensate.

Southeast Meleiha (SEM) 

In the Southeast Meleiha concession, Apex has completed two 3D seismic acquisition projects using BGP International Egypt LLC (BGP).  The NW Zarif survey, which is 850 square kilometers, was completed on January 16, 2019. The BGP seismic crew them mobilized to the NW Raml survey and completed acquisition of 350 square kilometers of 3D seismic on April 9, 2019. This survey is located in the Qattara Depression and required both vibroseis and dynamite energy sources. Final deliverables of the processed data for interpretation are expected from CGG Services-Middle East in the third quarter of this year for the NW Zarif survey and the fourth quarter of this year for the NW Raml survey.  Apex has also contracted CGG to reprocess several hundred square kilometers of existing 3D seismic in the SE part of the concession.