Apex is in Full-On Exploration Mode, Acquiring 3D Seismic and Drilling Wells and Discovering Hydrocarbons!

Southeast Meleiha (SEM) 

Apex conducted two 3D seismic acquisition projects using BGP International Egypt LLC (BGP). The ~850 km 2 NW Zarif survey and the ~350 km 2 NW Raml survey were completed in 2019 and processed by CGG Services-Middle East. The NW Raml survey is located within the Qatarra Depression and required mixed dynamite and vibroseis energy sources. The acquisition projects, which consisted of over 1 million man-hours, had no lost-time injuries. CGG also reprocessed several hundred square kilometers of existing 3D seismic data, which were merged with the new seismic surveys, forming a comprehensive view of the subsurface. Apex is currently drilling exploration wells and has made two discoveries that we plan to put on-stream in 2022.